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Color: Green

  • Benefits: Jade roller & Guasha set can promote lymphatic and blood circulation, improve facial puffiness and dark circles, also relieve muscle tension, make skin firm and smooth, and reduce fine lines
  • Handcraft Natural Material: The gua sha massage tool is made of 100% natural jade, hand-polished to retain the natural texture of jade, and the smooth and cool touch makes the skin refreshed
  • Widely Uses: The skin care tool is suitable for the face, eyes, neck and body skin; It can be used with beauty oil and massage to better promote skin absorption
  • Intimate Design: The shape of the Gua sha is strictly ergonomically designed to fit the curvature of the face; the jade roller adopts noise reduction design with no squeaky
  • Exquisite packaging: This set of gua sha beauty tools has an exquisite packaging, which is a perfect gift for beauty lovers; please feel free to contact us If you have any questions.

Binding: Health and Beauty

Details: Benefits of Gua sha: 1. Promote lymph and blood circulation, improve facial edema and dark circles; 2. Relieve muscle tension, relieve fatigue, make skin tight and smooth, reduce fine lines; 3. Use with beauty oil can better penetrate skincare products, brighten skin color tone and tighten pores; 4. Regular use can accelerate skin metabolism and restore skin radiance. Package Included 1* Jade Roller 1* Gua Sha 1* Instruction Card 1* Exquisite Package

Package Dimensions: 6.5 x 4.8 x 1.3 inches


What are the benefits of the Jade Roller & Gua Sha?
1. Improve blood circulation, skin elasticity, promote facial health and luster.
2. It helps to maximize the absorption of facial oil, serum, cream, or moisturizer.
3. Reduce skin swelling and lower eyelid.
4. The eye-roller can brighten skin color, tighten pores and help reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
5.Helps you relax and relieve muscle tension.


When rolling on the cheek, chin, forehead, roll outward, away from the face center, and toward the hairline. Please roll from the side of your nose and move outward to your cheek.


When rolling the eye area, please roll the roller from the inner corner of your eye and gently touch the wheel to roll outward.
They can be used with cream, essential oil, or other media to penetrate skincare products better.


Start with the neck or clavicle and press gently and slowly.
You can keep the facial jade roller and Guasha in the fridge, and It helps to eliminate morning swelling and refresh your skin.


Gua sha scarp

Hold the jade stone with curved sides to your face, and move it upward and outward gently.
Guasha can also be used for your tense muscles, such as areas on your shoulders.
Use the flat stone, which helps reduce pain and stiffness.


Double Head Design

The jade facial roller is a double head jade roller used in different parts of the body. The large roller for the cheek, neck, chin, and forehead. The small roller for around the eyes. The gua sha scraping tool can be used for the whole body.


Non-squeak and long lasting

The frame is made of sturdy metal, which allows the roller to last long.
Our jade roller has tiny silicone wheels inside the rolling stone, so it slides freely on your face without squeaking. You will have a smooth and joyful skin massage.