• Gifted collaboration.
  • Create product video content & share.
  • Enjoy free products, earn sales commission.


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How does influencer collaboration work?

The Facemade Influencer Program is a gifted collaboration. Influencers must create product video content and post it on social media pages. Influencers with at least 1000 followers can join us. Influencers will be selected based on profile engagement.

Is this really free for me as an influencer?

Yes. We will never charge you a penny. Our team will ship the item to your address. No shipping cost required. 

How to earn commission?

If someone buys from your post. We will give you a sales commission based on this

Can I join from any country?

Influencers from the US and UK can now join our program. However, you can register your profile. We will contact you when we start collaborating in other countries.